The everlasting aroma of Manischewitz wine

We all have seen and experienced contrasting fusion of tangs and aroma but the savor of Manischewitz wine will completely confuse you. Te wine will bring happiness to your face and if you love wine then you must try Manischewitz wine for at least once. Once, you inherit the taste, you will never forget the frenzy it brings. It is like sugar-coated euphoria in the form of a rich wine. It was founded by Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz in 1888, at Cincinnati, Ohio. The wine considered as a type of kosher wine. Kosher wine is used in Passover mainly by Jews. Though, both the wines have different origin.  The wine has gone through a lot of official changes but it is among the best selling wines across USA. The wine has changed a facet of wine making as this was only brand, which initiated the production of wines with the use of machinery.

The history of Manischewitz wine

Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz founded the company and it was famous for its matzo and kosher wine. Till 1990 it was governed by the Manischewitz family but it was sold to Kohlberg and Company for a huge sum of $43 millions. Yet, before that in 1987, it was named as a property of a group of brands which used to license it in USA.  However, it was branded with the same name, Manischewitz wine and since has developed as a major producer of unusual kosher wine.

Mysterious tang and another version of Manischewitz wine

  1. The taste of Manischewitz wine is sugary. It is developed from concord grapes and labrusca. The wine also has corn syrup which adds to its laid back sugary taste. In fact, this taste of this red wine has led a debate among many wine testers on the origin of Manischewitz wine as a kosher wine is doesn’t have the same sugary essence and the aroma is also different. Hence, it was disclosed that an early Jews settlement in Northern America has led to the accomplishment of this taste.
  2. Then Rabbi Manischewitz picked the taste and evolved it gradually which is now a famous brand in USA.  However, the disclosure of this section of Manischewitz wine raised eyebrows among American Jew community as they used it in Passover. Corn or essence of corn is forbidden as a food in Passover. But, it was negated by the company as they produced a corn free version of the Manischewitz wine. The company used filtered sugarcane syrup in the place of corn. The wine is used in many church communion wine in USA.

Personal take on Manischewitz wine

Personally, I have seen Manischewitz wine offering bold and savory grin. The experience was completely outstanding; I teamed the wine with everything and Manischewitz wine complimented everything, even desserts too. It was surprise but it introduced me to a new tang, which I feel is completely unfathomable to most. Do not go by its look, it looks like a normal red wine but it isn’t. You must have its aroma first then the taste. The aroma will totally nail you and the taste is worth every penny. Yet, personally, I felt that Manischewitz wine was a bit of a mismatch with pickled herring and fish. Again, my wife didn’t have any complains with pickled herring. As a matter of fact, it is up to you to explore it as the Manischewitz wine gives a lot of scope to fathom.

Being a wine prepared from concord grapes, the wine will always possess a variety of sugary taste. The corn adds another band of mystery, and the Eurasian origin of the Manischewitz wine brings a belter of a wine. As a matter of fact, if you are red wine lover then you must have Manischewitz wine, at least once in your life.


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